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In the remote north-west Highlands of Scotland, which still has many speakers of the Gaelic, it's pronounced it kai-ach  (soft ch, like in the word loch. I have a story about a river call Strathcailleach, so named after the Cailleach, and when a strange hermit took up residence in the bothy out at Strathcailleach he very quickly came to be known as the Bodach. In ancient folklore, the Bodach was the Caillach's husband, and it seems fitting that someone who felt so drawn to a place of the Cailleach should be likened to the Bodach. Many strange stories were told about this hermit locally, some questioning whether he was a man or a ghost. People even told tales of him haunting the beach near his spite being a drunken nuisance who stole things from people's washing lines, he was afforded much respect. When he became too old to walk to his bothy, locals clubbed together to give him a caravan down by the harbour. And when he died he was given a proper funeral, burial plot and grave stone. I think some feared what might happen if he wasn't treated with respect due to the old superstitions.

Brilliant. Great video, lovely to have you back. Fantastic. This says so much in such a short space of time. Mesmerising and profound. Thank you. Kal-ee-ack is Irish and Scottish goddess but Bheara is a place in Ireland strongly associated with her. Cailleach is often depicted as blue with three eyes and boars the boar is her most noted sacred animal. She is also believed to be a Pre Celtic Goddess of the Picts. Outstanding. Thanks for sharing... I love this idea of returning to the water so I can become young again. It is truly beautiful. NIAMH : BESOS PARA TI DESDE AVILES / ASTURIES ♥ VUELVE PRONTO. Lovely. I also think, for me and the owl, it also is interesting to point out the owl is the keeper of the night. Watcher of all when the majority sleeps. Thanks for this meditation.

Watching in Brazil six months later. Thank you. Cannot believe how few views this song has when you look at crap music getting hundreds of millions of views! great version of a great song. I'd do her... u know like at the end when she came back not before she went in the like U wouldn't. whatever. Definitely precious. Thank you. Sounds like an interesting book. Ill recommend it to my friend who's into these kinds of stories.

Absolutely beautiful. Open to fellowship with like-minded individuals. This is so haunting and moving; I love the energy of the film.


What day and time do you do the live Tea with a Druid? I'd like to join but I can't find that information. Pirate Bay Watch Cailleach Online Youtube Cailleach in hindi download 480p Cailleach counter movie CAILLEACH telugu... Good stuff, love the fact that they have an English link.