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His life was extraordinary. His influence undeniable. His legacy intact. Even when he was the subject of a humiliating expose, he approached it with the same degree of integrity, sacrifice, and humility, that he brought to the table, his entire career. His honesty should be an inspiration to all. Read more on the page. This film was exquisitely crafted, with a sense of love, adoration, respect, honor and dedication, toward a giant man, who embodied what it means to search for truth, and present the facts to the people. In this day and age, when incredibly tiny men and women are attempting to squash truth, with all of the power in their beings, a story like this really resonates. As Rudy the rooster famously said, Truth is not truth. Well Rudy you are wrong. There is truth, it is not an alternate universe, and the truth is a very real and precious gift.

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