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Answer 1 of 11: I would like to spend the day at Bet Guvrin on Sunday, Dec. 8. I've checked the Egged bus schedule and there does not seem to be a bus listed that goes from Tel Aviv. I'd prefer not to rent a car. Any suggestions. Beit Guvrin is a UNESCO World Heritage site and National Park, that you can enjoy visiting any time of the year, as most of your visit will take place in nice cool caves. We visited Beit Guvrin many times, so let me show you what a gem of a place this park truly is and give you a few tips about your own visit here. Beit Guvrin, Archaeology in Israel - Jewish Mag. Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel - Trip Memos. LN 044 Israel stock footage library: Beit Guvrin. The Jewish Press – Home; News & Views. All News Briefs Israel IDF & Security Jerusalem The “Peace” Process Settlements Judea & Samaria Sovereignty Aliyah The Knesset Government The Temple Mount Boycott / BDS Religious & Secular in Israel Religious & Secular in Israel Israeli Arabs Druze Bedouin #EyalGiladNaftali Politics.