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Cinta Brontosaurus



Part 21.


Zis­ter­ne. Substantiv, feminin – 1. unterirdischer, meist ausgemauerter Hohlraum zum. 2. Hohlraum in Organen oder Zellen. Just a quick note before I start posting. I want to clarify I found a few channels lots of new things and changes that I didnt' have that had went almost up to a year ago, so I went through their videos and added all of the new ones I hadn't had initially.(I didn't just add these because I saw them personally, they were posted about and mentioned by YouTubers and people on Reddit and Mandela Effect related websites.) We have actually managed to break records as I literally have only had part 20.


Siehe Zista. TIL there's an upcoming Bajaj Bajuri movie, starring Ricky Harun as Bajuri, Meriam Belina as Emak, and the girl from Cinta Brontosaurus as Oneng. Substantiv, feminin – 1. größerer, rechteckiger, aus festem Material. 2. Fahrzeug, in das sich jemand. 3. Sache, Angelegenheit.