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The Obama Effect



Shane Smith idolizes Ruppert Murdoch and has his son sittin on the board of Vice. Can't wait for this, Shane hit Biden with some tough one's on HBO the other night. So where can I watch the full interview? It is Monday, March 16th. when it said it was coming. I'm certain they won't include the briefings on the findings of the illegal FISA wiretap. Let's watch him worm his way around the weed question for the thousandth time. I hope you upload the whole interview in one and only part and not many, else I'm going to lose hope in your channel and I will never to be seen again. I think many subscribers agree with me.


Must be election year soon again. Rhodes, Power, Kerry, Rice. Here is the legacy of these people: Donald Trump in the White House, and the resumption of the black African slave trade in Libya. And yet they have the nerve to tell us how they made the world a better place. Hubris.

Who does he think he is the black John Travolta? This whole this is the biggest fairytale I've ever seen. I hope the whole documentary isn't this fuzzy. Yes, he really is a cult of personality in the U.S., however many people are starting to wake up to the hype that the MSM has been pushing, they have selected this candidate, there is no doubt. Also, the German people were not as enamored with Obama as the American media wants us to think, read the online version of Der Spiegel for more info.


Obama sucks. Reading some of these comments I realize this country have a lot ppl with hatred in their hearts. Lolol not surprised at all the teenage comments here - Look how far the US has sunk in trumps first year... Its a long long long road back, morons. Remember when you thought Vice were a bunch of scrappy independent journos, and not just another relay for commie talking points. Obama for president 2016. When is this coming out.





@maxine2win Karl Marx? Really? Point to a country that uses Marxism and show it's success? You can't find one. The rich don't create wealth? How are those broke ass Cubans and Venezuelans doing in their socialist/communist/marxist heavens? Not so good huh. Its called propaganda. Top 50 Biography Movies and TV Shows. I miss him so much, a profound, dignified and intelligent man as opposed to the profane, uncouth and dimwitted excuse for a 'man' in the WH right now and I'm English? A true world leader. This too shall pass.

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Just watched it & I thought this guy was amazing! I was watching it and I was like this dude is clearly trained actor not like the usual model turned actor types you get from americans! I also knew he wasn't american he was too innocent wide eyed and bushy tailed and frankly too good hence my early comment! I thought at first he was british then I realised he was the aussie actor that Steve McQueen cast in the failed hbo pilot shiw. Steve has good taste this guy was just brilliant- such a layered, complex performance. I look forward to seeing Devon in more films. @jetbtkng Your numbers are mythical. Mine can be verified by CBO, OMB,GAO or Google. Google 1.42 trillion + Obama 2009 budget and Google 1.47 trillion + Obama 2010 budget. Every number I put out there can be verified. Your numbers can't. Above you said 1.3 trillion is what Obama spent. That number is a mythical number because it is found nowhere in Obama's budget.

Where can I watch the interview. Playpilot - Documentaries. Lol Obama lookin extreme dark skin for a man who is half white lol. This looks really good! I'm excited to watch it. Police: I need to see some ID Obama: Im the future President Of The United States.