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People need to understand what marriage is. Contrary to popular belief Monogamy is natural. There are plenty of animals in the wild that practice monogamy. And humans have evolved intellectually to know that monogamy works better for the family. If you are not sure or willing to do the work as a Union, DONT get married! If you are going outside of your marriage then you are defeating the whole purpose of being married. Two broken people trying to become whole, you need to become whole yourself before trying to commit your life to someone else. Edit: Humans are animals. And if you think there arent animals in the wild that practice monogamy for survival reasons, do some research. Scientifically, as humans were actually more likely to procreate in a Monogamous relationship than not. Also, monogamous relationships exist outside of marriage.

I'm not mum is half black, half white and my dad is Indian. WTH. You are the epitome of biracial. And Caribbean is not a race.🤦🏾. I love this channel and now its on Netflix 👌. Monogamy series. Season 2 : Divorce, Explained.


Her race shouldnt have been a topic. Tamera shouldve stood up for herself more. Adrienne felt the tension. Jeannie wanted to choke Loni. Loni needs her fatass beat.

This is all splitting up together wanted to be

Monogamy show online. Yall think she dont talk to her man like that. Or talk around him like that. He love her for her. Monogamy board game. After I Do: A Novel. I only watched the last 2/3 of the movie, yet I loved it sooo much. PLEASE CAN WE GET SEASON 3 I NEED TO KNOW THAT'S A CLIFF HANGER.

Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy

I dont know why this is so sad to everybody, its just super realistic and not one of those cheesy romance movies. life happens and you have to deal with it, jesse's best friend in this movie quotes this famous line, When we can no longer change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Why talk about something you haven't even tried yourself? doesn't make any sense, not credible. We ARE wired for monogamy, you idiots. Monogamy is a product of oxytocin bonding. How did you folks decide these theories. Finally. Monogamy bay.

Jeannie was a real friend she wasnt about to let Loni talk bad about her real life friend. I didnt watch this interview, and I hate the show already. About to go home and fight my husband just because now 😩🤦🏾‍♀️. Monogamy is unnatural. I need Season 2 like ASAP so we can find out about Maggie. Chocolate juice is so hot.


Waiting on season 2.






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